Tuesday, August 29, 2006

It's 4:20 do you know where your mom is?

We're back...before all that, this is The Yoko Casionos..know them, embrace them.Literally.

Feed them,shelter them,let them pet your animal.



if you are a regular consumer of the lettuce, we did some pix a while back, and again these cats deliver the goods,another awesome afternoon of foto fun.

That's their bunny we forgot his/her's/it's name.

Coming to your town soon, one great band.

So as we were saying, the thing was that by court order the entire staff here ended up in a detox type of situation due to mooseknuckle dust abuse,sad.

(a new age herbal we have found our selves viciously addicted to, ask at london drugs) watch out little ones,watch out.

Blah,blah we're just negligent,avoiders of task etc , we are at least consitant.blah.

here comes the new stuff....

Please note: no animals/band members where injured/abused in the production of these images.

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