Saturday, April 07, 2007


Thing is was, we moved out of our plush orffice downtown and wanted to get back to our roots real good like so..

We found this bad boy at the corner of nelson and jervis ,
there ain't no view but there's lots of space(DY)
no neighbors=pounding tunage night n day.

shit all for laundry but check that parking spot,
we had to finnagle our way back to the internet's so we've been down awhile,
tunneling etc.

you know..

Also a thank you to all for your awesome input lately,
alot of compliments we honestly cherish.

Our first official submmision!!!!
this will come very shortly...within days, stay tuned,...

we think it's a gooder.

Anywhat... we do pologize for delays and look forward to meeting and surpassing all you BlackLettuce needs in the nearer future.

lets go fa coffee? (tm)

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