Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Plain old lazy,actually we're all OCD'd with crackbook,screw everything else,wait someone just poked me!WEEEE!!!!

Whatever, we do what we want.
ok here's the lot of us,don't muck with chop's there,or you know...
Congats going out to Don and Heather,the newest version of Mr.nMrs. Andrews,giver.
These other nice folks seen here n there are some of the members of the Holly Cole and Michael Kaeshammer groups that came out to B.C. for the jazz festival and threw down some quality entertainment all round,awesome crew as well.
Also a few shots from donniez stag at the go-kart track,deadly.Big thanx to Dave you know who you are for organizing,and all of Don's gosh darn superfriend's for his great day spent with y'all.Then a couple just riding around town,this city is rad to cycle in sometimes.

Oh yeah there's chuk and dan rollin in the vertable blowin smoke in the face of the man,cheech n chong hit b.c. ferries,"hot box the rental dude",parked next to who we where convinced was ex/possibly current law sumpin or other guy,chatting me up about his love of metal music"i just love godsmack".Awesome weekend thanx Dude.

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