Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Drummers drumming - 2005

Top: Theatre Cares Burlesque night.
Bottom: Ray Condo andThe Ricochets.

Ques a don't stop belivein.. hold on to that feelin...


Polanoid punk - 1998?


Trying to mix it up a bit, a fresh new vibe!

Collage - 2005

These great pix (and more to follow in future post's) come from two canadian families.

Best thing to us is, these are from folk that never intended? or would probably never imagine that years after the fact,someone might think of them as interesting or anything else.

We do.


Monday, October 03, 2005

Ronnie - Eader

Bustop kids - 2003

In ques of emergency....

This you?

The recently found -so far -2005

Ques i smell ya comin

uh, yeah..ok

Potty Dolly 2004


OOPS,forgot to post for two months.... what ass%$@%'s

The recently found 2005

I think i know a couple of these meat heeds.

No, we didn't move away,.....We admitly have just been very neglegent and that's just not right and if we have to post every ten minutes from now till eternity that's what we pledge to do........
Ok, probably won't be quite that, but we will be better ala the future. forgive us? oh well..

These have been piling up over awhile, just could never refuse finding and keeping, glad they came our way.......Is this you?

Ques a delinquent