Monday, November 28, 2005

Cometh the smut?

The recently found 2005

O.K it's the barely safe for work, we're no Hustler beaver patrol yet..... butt
( recovered in the alley behind my work )

Quesa dill ya think this is gangerous?

Sunday, November 27, 2005



The recently found 2005

Really, get it together people, do i have to do everything here? the outside world is waiting for this valued content,
Are you ready?... are you ready?.. LET'S GET IT ON!

**By the by there may be some content not safe for work in this post and others in future(like the very next one), be fore warned.
We're just saying this because no one here @ blacklettuce has any intrest in getting anyone in whatever hot water could/should arise from/or because of, the "more empowered" morals of those peeeking over your virtual shoulder. nuf said.

Ques i didn't say it honey, this damn ham is dillicious.