Friday, December 15, 2006

The Smalls


"I'm in you!", great drummer good roller.

Corb Lund and The Hurtin Albertans

Both kinds, country and western. why?

More of the Lund as we find it....

shanizzle my rizzle de fizzle...drizzle,chisel,gristle.

Udder Filth

Where are they?

Matthew Sweet?...Night Ranger?(sister fistian)..The muscle Bitches?...Copyright?

Freak Chic

Yes, step right up,
The Torture King, Mr.Lifto, The Enigma and that bendy dude who doesn't leave home much.

Seems like eons..

The Recently Found! Dec/o6
Found by Fuk Choto on the job,near drake n richards.
In all seriousness, are kids trading these? rookie card? searching E-bay...betcha it's worth like fifty bux at least..



Any one know 'em?

This you? rekonize rekonize

You heart nicklebag