Thursday, March 30, 2006

Mutual life of lettuce presents...

Welcome to the wilderness portion of the program.
All creatures pictured later attacked and (non-fatally) maimed the individual who photographed them!
Ain't that rad?!!
They say we're not welcome back to the zoo because of hows we try to milk and ride anything that moves.bunch a bitches.


meow,more to come.
so pretty.....



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Wednesday, March 29, 2006


The "not so" recently found-2006

These shots come from some of the first film/negs we ever found,
literally been holding on to these and others for more than 10 year.
Salivating at the thought of you feltching them into your brainspace.
serious, we had to have a 6 year old come into the office and show us how to use all the equipment.
By the by, if this is you pictured or some you know,tell them, tell us:

drop us a line don't snort it.

Ride on?

Few pics we found for ya,
lost slides,our fav.

how's this?

It's a fairy girl in the woods,i know you know, i'm just telling you.