Saturday, February 04, 2006

Dave, you don't call anymore,this wedding/tamara stuff is starting to interfere with OUR relationship, i just don't know what more i can..

As clearly marked on the road case, this shot of the Genn band,shows us the front row whipped into a frenzy shouting "dave,dave,dave"
would this constitute as cult like behavior or simple rock guy adoration? if you squint yer one eye and stand back abit,youll see tamara in the very front, but you really have to look.
congratulations Mr.&Mrs.Genn
All the best from everyone @ Blacklettuce!

Ian Browne.No, the real one

The Ian Browne Band -2000?
Featuring Matt Good

The meters rock!
they did it when they hired second drummer ian browne, whow.
Ian sorry could only find one of you playing we'll search for more and have them up soon.
till then just a few from here and there,anybody that hasn't heard the meters go find it, not to be missed,don't disapoint,funkify woop woop.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

they called us back!.. sort of (we called and caught misty by chance and had a good old chat with her for a bit,i guess they didn't call but..

I guess we'll show you this rock foto of mr. weed anyway

Chad Weed'05

Booting our nuut saks in a sonic throwdown

Ted and the Yoko's

Ted Leo and The Pharmacists '05

The Yoko Casiono's-'05

Platinum Blonde-'01?
feat. Juice (below,only pic around with you playing.)

Both great bands,good folk.
If we put up nice pics of y'all and say nice things about yer band,will you call us back?

any chump can wizz on a floor, takes an artist to crap on the ceiling

Pissed - 98?


god we're lazy

Kowz- 2001

loafing, bloated and dazed.. aw shiite! ma diaper tord gin