Friday, February 02, 2007


The Yoko Casionos - 07

Finally,slight tech dif etc.,

These beauty's are from up at UBC (wednesday nites/The Gallery) and of course a few glamour shots of Bhun-E,

anywhat,that first shot for 'JUS, is one of many to follow tomorrow(sorry).

Hope you kids is ok out there,Rock.

Find out where you can catch the yoko's in Onterrible this week(10 dates?) by checking their tour/dates/blog at : . ciao

Thank god for file recovery software...


Unlike our boozy bastard friend here,(kidding we luv him) wee have recovered 80% of the files freshly squeezed and us lost? the other nite.
So after shitting our pantalooms for a bit,then realizing there were things to be did,
started to work on the internets for all they are worth,contacted gates himself said"hey!fix this shit!"
He did,and here we are.
don't mess with the lettuce.

bak in a few moment stay tuned........

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

For the out of towners..

Stanley park-07

The causeway,the poor park all boot fu^%#d,
tourists with bikes they don't ride,
Mike McCardell stories at the end of Tony's news hour,
insane looking fowl with human sized excrement.

Rollin with THE Red Eye Jedi.

Colin James TLBB-07

Michael kaeshammer featuring Jesse W.Cahill-07

Literally rollin/rockin,Dude you know you Rawk,
Mad Respek.
This dude brings it to yer town.
Find them all...
or your favorite retailer.
Go.. Now.

While in Nanaimo,guests of the Black lettuce show dine at.....


Simply stated,pleasantly aMbient,very tasty food,
great servers/service,fabulous beverages and bar staff. The place to snack in Nanaimo.
Recipient of the coveted Blacklettuce5 star new restaurant review 2007.
hEy ricky,eddie....