Thursday, December 01, 2011

no idle chatter


Just the goods

CNE Toronto

Liam Finn

Dustin Bentall Band

Dustin Bentall band

Dustin Bentall band live city Stanley park 2011

Dustin Bentall band 2011

Dustin Bentall band

Central Bistro

Central Bistro

Liam Finn 2011

Liam Finn

Liam Finn band

Mother Mother  Stanley park 2011

Neko Case band Stanley park 2011

Said the Whale Stanley park 2011

The Zolas Live City 2011

The Zolas 2011

Marques Toliver

Marques Toliver

Marques Toliver

Marques Toliver 2011

Vancouver Olympics 2010

Occupy Vancouver 2011

Dr.Suzuki @ Occupy Vancouver 2011

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Yes we are back...

Unbelievably i have not posted for more than two years now
a lot has gone on, lost a few peeps,gained a few peeps.miss ya ,nice to meet ya.

 This is going to be a very new year for all intensive porpoises and
a renewed perspective towards what goes down here at the lettuce.

More content here, another web presence and an actual gallery type fancy pantz kinda showing if someone will have us,that's all in the near future so stay tuned.

Crack Kills

Occupy Vancouver 2011

Occupy Vancouver 2011

Liam Finn Band 2011

Neko Case 2011 Stanley park

Neko case-The New Pornographers Stanley park 2011

Matisyahu @ The Commodore Vancouver

Mother Mother Stanley park 2011

Yes this is chuk,no more third person.

Drop me a note,long time no talk,no apologies i'm an asshole.

Onward........ok this is a bit of what i've been up to, more t come.
peace i love you all.