Wednesday, September 13, 2006

WOW and beyond.


Thanx Don'n'Heather much grateful.
Faithful viewers, if you do not already know this group and their various other contributions to all things deadly, them out.

Blown away best describes the sonic pummelling
received by those in attendance last nite.

Big Business, a two piece of only drummer and bass player was what we encountered upon arrival.
Smart like fox,luring the crowd in with a
reasonable facsimile of a King Buzzo hair-doo,followed by crushing drums and a lead bass played guitar style that may even impress lemmy? a little guitar from some dude out of the shadows.AWESOME.

How does this continue?what could happen now?...
Buzz and Dale wheel out to join our"special guests/opener"and begin throwing out song after song,
new,old slow,fast,with a focused ferocity dual drummers hammering out blow after blow in unison,
setting pace for blast over blast of this apocalyptic(?) tsunami of sound to wash over almost all the senses.
Buzz scrapes and claws around his instrument obviously possessed by demonic forces from afar and is sweetly matched glorious growl for growl by our now on fire bass player,mezmerizing, mouths agape,culminating with most in earshot left to only mutter"holy shit".

no encore needed.

Sorry, these pics are from other shows, including acidking and/or fantomas,more to follow.